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Atheist author explains how Christianity conquered Europe like Starbucks monopolized coffee

Matt Ridley (YouTube)

A British author who angered Christians when he compared their religion to a virus has found an even more virulent analogy to explain how the faith spread throughout Europe.
Science writer Matt Ridley explained that Christianity spread across Europe and established a “monopoly religion” in much the same way that Starbucks — perhaps the only thing more contagious than infectious disease — has conquered the global coffee market, reported the Daily Mail.
“Religions are a good example of things that have taken a very specific form but have a sort of inevitability,” explained Ridley, a Conservative member of the House of Lords.
He examined his theory, which he explores in his most recent book, The Evolution of Everything: How Ideas Emerge, that history’s most successful trends came from the “bottom up” during this week’s Chalke Valley History Festival.
“We give far too much importance to individuals in history – that is my claim and that is a pretty big claim,” said Ridley, who believes humans share a sort of “collective brain.”
Ridley argued that any of the “many little cults” that existed in the Roman Empire might have become Europe’s dominant belief system, but only Christianity thrived in that way.
“The notion that the Roman Empire was ripe for a monopoly religion to take it over at around the time of Christ is probably an inevitable one,” he said. “There were a huge number of different religions in the empire, and the chances were that one of them would ‘do a Starbucks,’ and become ubiquitous, monopolistic and eventually intolerant and kick the other ones out.”
He explained that a mystic from Cappadocia was far better known and more widely followed than Christ in the first century A.D., but Christianity was ultimately more successful.
“It’s a bit like Google,” he said. “Maybe other companies were just as good at inventing search engines, but Google just happened to scoop the pool.”
Watch Ridley discuss his book in a video posted online by Talks by Google:

Atheist minister defends her views at United Church inquisition

TORONTO -- An avowed atheist fighting to keep her job as a United Church minister is now waiting to hear if a review panel will recommend she be defrocked for violating her ordination vows.
In an appearance before the panel this week, Gretta Vosper defended her views, which include a lack of belief in God and the Bible.
"The reason why Rev. Vosper finds herself on the receiving end of a Church inquisition is due to her use and adoption of the term 'atheist'," her written submissions state.
"Rev. Vosper adopted the label 'atheist' in 2013 as an expression of solidarity with people around the world who were being persecuted and murdered for challenging religious fundamentalism and extremism."
The main issue at stake, she argued, is whether the United Church would insist on a "singular definition" of God or allow its ministers and members to explore and define their own ideas.
Vosper also pointed out that members of her congregation -- many of whom were on hand to cheer her on -- were highly supportive of her.
In oral submissions, the minister told the panel she supported values that "transcend our personal interests and needs, and which help us envision a better world."
God, in the traditional sense, is not a concept she believes in, she said.
"Were I to be given incontrovertible proof that a god does, or gods do, exist, the evidence of the cruel and capricious realities of disparity, tragedy, illness, and anguish in the world, and the truth that our world and our experience of it is wrapped not only in beauty but also in excruciating pain, would prevent me from worshipping it or pledging my allegiance to it," Vosper said.
"There are no moral codes that have been formed by the mind of a god. Rather, there is a morality that we have created."
Vosper, 57, who was ordained in 1993, joined her West Hill congregation in east-end Toronto in 1997. She has been upfront about her beliefs for years.
Things came to a head after she wrote an open letter to the church's spiritual leader following the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris in January 2015, pointing out that belief in God can motivate bad things. The general secretary of the church's general council decided on the unprecedented review of her fitness to preach.
Rev. David Allen, executive secretary of the Toronto Conference, has said he took complaints about Vosper to the church's executive, which decided it wanted to investigate whether she had gone too far.
Essentially, the review panel required that she answer several questions affirming her ordination vows, including whether she believes in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and if she was "committed to God."
In her closing comments, Vosper urged the panel to find that the way forward was "not through an aberrant disciplinary process, but through a collaborative effort to improve" the United Church.
The panel is expected to take several months to render its decision.

Atheist United Church minister Gretta Vosper is seen in this photo taken in Winnipeg, on Thursday, April 16, 2009. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Winnipeg Free Press/Courtney Campbell)

Dr. James Dobson: Donald Trump Has Accepted Christ

Donald Trump, according to a new report, has accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He will do anything for more votes.

No, you didn't accidentally click on The Onion. That's a factual statement, according to a well-respected evangelical faith leader.
Dr. James Dobson, who was among the more than 900 evangelical faith leaders who met with the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting in New York City, says it happened fairly recently. He also said he knew who led the businessman to Christ.
"I don't know when it was, but it has not been long," Dobson told Godfactor's Michael Anthony in an exclusive interview. "I believe he really made a commitment, but he's a baby Christian. We all need to be praying for him, especially if there's a possibility of him being our next chief executive officer."
"I think that he's open," he added. "He doesn't know our language, he really doesn't, and he refers a lot to religion and not much to faith and belief."
To that, Anthony responded, "I imagine Saul, when he became Paul, didn't know the language, either."
"Yeah, well you've got to cut him some slack. He didn't grow up like we did," Dobson responded. "I think there's hope for him, and I think there's hope for us. I have great concerns about the next election."
Dobson said he was in the "small group" of 40 faith leaders who met with Trump earlier in the day at Trump Tower, and that he had a chance to interact directly with the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting.
"He's a lot nicer guy than you [think]," he said. "I think he is listening. There were a lot of people ministering to him personally."
Dobson also praised the event, during which he said faith leaders were "genuinely seeking the Lord's direction" in the things Trump was saying.
"He's sometimes kind of obscure in the way that he answers questions, and we wanted to ask him directly, with follow-up questions," he said. "We got a chance to do that.

Is Donald Trump a born-again Christian? According to a "well-respected" evangelical faith leader, the answer is "Yes." (Reuters photo)



Physicist Stephen Hawking says pollution coupled with human greed and stupidity are still the biggest threats to humankind.
During an interview on Larry King Now, the science superstar told King that in the six years since he’s spoken with the talk show host people haven’t cleaned up their act.
“We certainly have not become less greedy or less stupid,” Hawking said. “The population has grown by half a billion since our last meeting, with no end in sight. At this rate, it will be eleven billion by 2100.”
Physicist Stephen Hawking says pollution coupled with human greed and stupidity are still the biggest threats to humankind.
He noted that the massive problem of pollution has only grown in the last five years.
“Air pollution has increased over the past five years,” he said. “More than 80% of inhabitants of urban areas are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.”
When asked what the biggest problem facing the world is, Hawking said climate change.
Hawking told King he wonders if we are past the point of no return.  “Will we be too late to avoid dangerous levels of global warming?”

Professor Stephen Hawking. Image: (THEINTELLECTUALIST)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


ALABAMA | A 14-year old schoolgirl has suffered serious complications after a flu shot allegedly left the young girl terribly ill and with severe cramps, until the family doctor finally realized weeks later she had been impregnated by the vaccine, reports the Forth Worth Telegram this week.
After symptoms persisted several weeks, the distressed mother brought her child to the Whole Womans Health of Forth Worth medical clinic where she was found to be pregnant moments later.
“She was in excellent health beforehand. After a few days she became very unwell, she had all the symptoms of a fever” explains her mother. “It took a good few weeks before she felt better, but the nausea continued. She would throw up every day or so, until eventually we went to see Dr Hersch who realized she was pregnant” she told local reporters, visibly still under shock.
“She had all the typical symptoms of a pregnant woman. It’s not the first time a young woman falls pregnant without the consent of her parents, but the girl seemed sincere when she said she had never had sexual relations with a boy, and she urged me to check her hymen, which I eventually did, and to my utter surprise, the hymen was fully intact. It is impossible she has been impregnated by male sperm” she assures. “In my 26 years of practice, I have never heard once of such a thing as someone being impregnated by a vaccine, but I did some research and found out it is more common than most people think”.
The young girl and her family have decided to keep the baby regardless of the atypical situation. “We are devout Christians. If God made this birth possible, then who are we to judge the how or the why?” she ponders. “If Joseph and Mary had not given birth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, where would humanity be today?” she asks, a tear in her eyes. “We will soon have a new family member within our community, and it is a gift and a blessing”.
Vaccine pregnancies: a controversial subject
“Vaccine technology is fairly recent in history so we hypothesize how they work, but as in this instance, why do some women fall pregnant from vaccines?” asks PhD student Alexa Goldberg,  who is writing her doctoral thesis on the subject. “There is clearly a necessity to study this growing trend and further research is needed. The scientific community must stop avoiding this highly controversial subject. If nothing is done, this tragic situation will only repeat itself in the future” she warns.
A similar case occurred in 2013 when 11 young girls in Mexico, near the city of Juarez in the state of Veracruz, aged 11 to 17, claimed they had fallen pregnant after being given HPV shots. A moratorium was put on HPV vaccines for six months after Mexican health authorities claimed the “contaminated batch” was at the root cause of the problem.
The United Nations estimates over 4,000 people each year fall pregnant to vaccine shots, but a 2012 World Health Organization (WHO) report concludes the benefits of mass vaccination campaigns worldwide are well worth the risk.
The medical clinic where the inoculation took place firmly denies any wrong doing on their part and claims the accusations are “absurd and improbable”.

Dr Catherine Hersch was skeptical at first but further investigation led her to corroborate the family’s verdict

Christian group vandalizes ancient Mexican archeological site claiming it’s linked to ‘Devil worship’

According to local media reports, the sect targeted the ancient ceremonial area because it was “not Christian” and destroyed “at least a dozen” stone alters built by the indigenous Otomi people at the San Bartolo Tutotepec, according to TeleSur TV.
Members of a Jehovah’s Witness sect have been accused of vandalizing a 7,000-year-old archeological site in eastern Mexico – all in an effort to stamp out “Devil worship.”
The sect targeted the ancient ceremonial area because it was “not Christian” and destroyed “at least a dozen” stone alters built by the indigenous Otomi people at the San Bartolo Tutotepec archeological site, according to TeleSur TV.
Members of the sect say the destruction was motivated by a belief that the ancient indigenous religion involved devil worship. The perpetrators claim that they were following the word of God by destroying the temple site.
The Otomi people still hold the site sacred and archeologist say it’s comparable to Mecca for Muslims or the Vatican for Catholics, with people making pilgrimages to the site every year. The ancient religion of the Otomis traditionally holds sacred various deities including earth, water, and fire.
It’s still unknown how the Jehovah’s Witnesses accessed the site, considering that it’s protected by local indigenous people with access granted to only worshippers.


Robertson: “Every Time One Of You Sins, God Punishes Me And Other Leaders”

Recently on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson railed against America’s “culture of death” that “delights in killing people,” warning that God will soon punish America for making abortion legal. Robertson said that “we have to look at the spiritual roots” of abortion rights, blaming it on Satan: “The enemy of our soul is Satan and he hates people, he hates human beings and the idea is if humans can kill other humans, the devil wants to do everything to help it.”
“And let me just say for the record – I have never forced any girl I was with to have an abortion, nor have I attempted to perform the gruesome act myself, unlike some sinners I know. They don’t believe in doctors, and they thought it’d be a good idea to try to perform a DIY abortion at home. You can probably guess how that turned out,” he argued. “The point I’m trying to make here is – things have got to change and things have got to change right now. Not tomorrow, not a week or month or year from now – right this second.”
However, when a listener called in and asked the host why he’s become more and more vocal about the issue of sin recently, which is to say, more so than usual, the televangelist had an interesting reply. He told the listener that “it’s not fair that I and other religious leaders pay the price for the sins that other people commit.” When asked to elaborate, Robertson argued that “if things don’t change in America pretty soon, he and countless other religious shepherds will soon be degraded to the level of the very sinners they’re attempting to steer back onto the path of righteousness.”
“Let me put it this way,” Robertson said. “God, in His infinite wisdom, is kind and forgiving. He knows that when a sinner commits a sin, it is not his fault. He does so because he doesn’t know any other way. However, because our existence in this universe is based on the principle of balance, for every sin there must, consequentially, be an equal punishment. And who does our good Lord decide to punish? Mostly me and other leaders, because the failure of the sinner is the failure of his leader, which is to say, yours truly.”
“More precisely, every time the heinous act of homosexual sex takes place, every time a baby dies because of an abortion, every time anyone does anything contrary to Christianity, God sees it fit to send me less and less money from my followers, he inflicts a disease on me, like crabs or chlamydia or something. And no, these don’t have anything to do with the many female members of my flock who lose their way and come to me seeking solace and guidance,” Robertson added.
“Like I said,” he continued, “the universe works on balance, so for every gay sex that occurs, it is my job to balance things out with a normal, straight intercourse. And while we’re on the subject, there are a lot, really a lot of women who have lost their way. Tending to and comforting all of them is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, and there is no room to take a break when doing God’s work.”
“But, the point is – even though I am an old man by modern standards, and despite the fact that I work out every day and stay in shape, there are just too many young women who need comforting for just one man to handle, even if that man is me. Therefore, the only solution is for you, dear listeners and followers, to stop committing sins and persuade those around you to do the same. That’s the only way we’ll be able to obtain salvation when we die and are placed before the Gates of Eden,” the surprisingly nimble televangelist concluded.

(Photo Credit: CBN Screenshot)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Texas pastor threatens to set himself on fire to stop gays from marrying

Scarborough runs an organisation of pastors called Vision America (Photo: HUFFINGTONPOST)

A US pastor has threatened to set himself on fire to stop loving gay couples from being legally recognised.
Texas pastor Rick Scarborough made the claim ahead of an anticipated ruling from the Supreme Court later this month – which could bring same-sex marriage to all 50 states including Texas.
One-upping the Australian Christian couple who have threatened to divorce if the ban on same-sex marriage is lifted, the Texan appared to threaten to burn himself alive.
He said: “We’re simply being pre-emptive and saying, no matter what the cost, we are not going to bow, we are not going to bend, and we will burn.”

The preacher also claimed that religious leaders should offer themselves up to be shot dead.
He said: “The preachers need to get out front, the leaders need to get out front, out front of these ordinary citizens and say, ‘Shoot me first’.”
“The end game is the complete destruction of the church of the Lord Jesus, the replacement of it with this liberal theology that’s not a theology… it goes back to the Garden of Eden when Satan wanted to be God. We now have a race of humans that don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a God.
“If the court does rule this, they will have to step over natural law. They’re after God. This country better be aware, we’ve suffered a lot of injustices, but I’m not sure God is going to tolerate this one very long.”
He previously claimed God should drop a nuke on the US, because it appoints gay ambassadors.
Listen to the clip via Right Ring Watch below:

Saturday, June 25, 2016

WATCH: Anti-Gay Pastor Who Wants To Kill Them All Gets Bad News And Throws Massive Temper Tantrum

Pastor Anderson. Image Credit: (YOU TUBE)

In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting Arizona pastor Steven Anderson responded by cheering on the killings and called for executing every gay person in America.

“The good news is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles,” Anderson said in a video posted to YouTube the day after the shooting.
“But these people all should have been killed, anyway, but they should have been killed through the proper channels, as in they should have been executed by a righteous government that would have tried them, convicted them, and saw them executed. Because, in Leviticus 20:13, God’s perfect law, he put the death penalty on murder, and he also put the death penalty on homosexuality. That’s what the Bible says, plain and simple.”
Now karma is kicking his ass and he isn’t happy about it.
As it turns out, Anderson and his congregation at the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix do business with other people both online and in brick and mortar establishments. That means these businesses can be informed about who they are doing business with and they’re not too interested in doing business with a bigot who wants to commit mass murder.
Paypal and Apple are among many businesses that have terminated the accounts of Anderson, his church, and the other bigoted pastors who foolishly followed his lead in calling for executing gay people.
And like a child being denied candy by his parents in the middle of a supermarket, Anderson literally threw a temper tantrum about it during a sermon.
“It’s war. You know what the filthy sodomites have done toward our church and us, and our friends and our fellow pastors that actually have the guts to say what needs to be said? Here’s what they’ve done in the last few weeks. They got our PayPal account shut down so that we can’t take anymore online donations. We set up with another company, GivLet, they got that shut down. Qgiv, they got that shut down. BitPay, they got that shut down. They shut down our iTunes podcast. They shut down Brother Jimenez’s PayPal account. They shut down Brother Romero’s PayPal account… The landlord of Pastor Jimenez is saying, ‘hey we’re not going to renew your lease.’”
Romero and Jimenez both praised the Orlando mass shooting and called for gay people to be executed across the country.
“I mean these people are dedicated,” Anderson continued. “These people are researching, they’re finding out where we bank, they’re finding out who we do business with. They’re trying to get us shut down on all fronts, and you know what, let me tell you something, I’m sick of it.”
Then he leaped atop his podium and began screaming at his congregation telling them if they don’t agree with him they should leave and proceeded to call LGBT people “dogs.”
“And you know what, if you’re not gonna back us up then get out of here, we don’t need your help,” he said. “I don’t want to hang around with a bunch of fag hags and a bunch of queer baits and a bunch of effeminates. GET OUT! They’re sodomites! They’re dogs! DOGS!”
Here’s the video via YouTube:

The Atheist Population Is Rising All Over The World

Millions of people worldwide do not believe in God anymore. People are starting to realize that life ends at death and there is no “divine plan.”
Phil Zuckerman, professor of sociology and secular studies at Pitzer College in  Claremont, California, said this about it:
“There’s absolutely more atheists around today than ever before, both in sheer numbers and as a percentage of humanity.”
Zuckerman also said:
“Very few societies are more religious today than they were 40 or 50 years ago. The only exception might be Iran, but that’s tricky because secular people might be hiding their beliefs.” 
Age may also be a factor in the rise of atheism. A Gallup pollshowed that 32-percent of adults under 30 in America have no religious affiliation. Only 9-percent of adults over 65 don’t have a religious affiliation.
These countries, in particular, are facing a huge rise in their atheist population: Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland.
Richard Wiener of the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the University of Arizona had this to say about it:
“In a large number of modern secular democracies, there’s been a trend that folk are identifying themselves as non-affiliated with religion; in the Netherlands the number was 40%, and the highest we saw was in the Czech Republic, where the number was 60%.”
Globally, Christianity has around 1.2 billion adherents. There are 1.1 billion people who call themselves non-religious.
Here in America, the Pew Foundation found that the number of Christians in this country has gone down. It was 78.4-percent in 2007; now, it’s 70.6-percent.
The distribution of Christians looks something like this:
Americas: 804 million
Europe: 566 million
Sub-Saharan Africa: 516 million
Asia-Pacific: 285 million
Middle East-North Africa: 13 million
Source: Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life, estimates for 2010
This is very promising. I would like to see the atheist population rise more in this country, or at least, I would love to see the evangelicals shut up.

Featured image by Marcus Bockmann via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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Study: Sex And Alcohol Make You Happier Than Having Kids And Religion

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but sex and alcohol surely can — at least, according to new research.
A recent study conducted at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand found that, on average, partying and sex rate highest on the “pleasure scale,” while volunteering, religion and childcare round out the rest of the top five most-enjoyable activities.
The study, led by researcher Carsten Grimm, involved analyzing the text messages of participants to build what they called “pleasure maps
Participants were asked to rank popular activities in regard to their position in three set categories: pleasure, meaning and engagement.
Sex, unsurprisingly, ranked number one across all three categories, while partying ranked high on the “pleasure” scale but low on the “meaning” scale. Rather surprisingly, “using Facebook” ranked relatively low on the pleasure scale as well, along with “housework” and “feeling sick.”
Speaking of the survey results, Grimm explained,
Those who tend to be high on all three orientations to happiness not only score high on life satisfaction, they also tend to have higher experiences of pleasure, meaning, engagement, and happiness in their daily lives. This means that being able to seek happiness in different ways may enrich your everyday experience and increase your overall well-being.
The specifics of the survey — including how the activities were chosen and the demographics of the respondents — remain unclear, so the accuracy of the survey results may be slightly skewed.
It would be interesting to re-conduct the survey, in smaller clusters, with respondents grouped by age, to determine the different ways in which younger and older adults experience happiness.
The implications for understanding the specifics of pleasure and reward could be incredibly helpful in furthering psychological medicine, specifically for treating depression.


Survey: White evangelicals say US no longer a Christian nation

(RNS) The United States is not a Christian country anymore.
That’s according to 59 percent of white evangelical Protestants recently surveyed by the Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with the Brookings Institution. And that number has jumped 11 points in just four years, from 48 percent in 2012.
Evangelicals’ growing conviction that the U.S. is losing its Christian identity, and that the country now is headed in the wrong direction, comes as politicians debate immigration and cultural change during the 2016 election season.
In the new PRRI/Brookings immigration survey tackling those issues, Americans expressed concerns about foreign influences on the American way of life. They mostly agreed that the U.S. is on the wrong track, but differed as to how to get on the right one. The survey, released Thursday (June 23), polled more than 2,600 adults between April 4 and May 2.
“When we step back and look at the big picture, we do see heightened anxieties among Americans,” PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones said in a Washington press conference announcing its findings.
While a strong majority of white evangelical Protestants agree that the U.S. has lost its Christian identity, Americans overall are split on the question — 41 percent say it was Christian and remains so, and 42 percent say it was in the past but is no longer. Relatively few (15 percent) say America never has been a Christian nation.
The white evangelical Protestant community feels its cultural dominance in America has been lost, said Henry Olsen, senior fellow at the Ethics & Public Policy Center, who attended the press conference.
“Over the last four years a growing number are seeing that it’s lost irretrievably,” he said. “That has massive implications for our politics going down the road.”
Americans also are split on whether American culture and the country’s way of life have mostly changed for the better (49 percent) or worse (50 percent) since the 1950s.
And, the PRRI/Brookings report said, “no group of Americans is more nostalgic about the 1950s than white evangelical Protestants,” with 70 percent saying the country has changed for the worse. Americans also split politically on the question: 68 percent of Republicans agree things have gotten worse, while nearly the same share of Democrats (66 percent) say times are better.
But Americans agree the country is moving in the wrong direction — a belief that crosses the political divide and has inched up from 65 percent in 2011 to 72 percent. And most (57 percent) believe they should fight for their values, even if they are at odds with the law and changing culture.
Other key findings:
    • Nearly 6 in 10 Americans (57 percent) say the values of Islam are at odds with American values and its way of life. Of all major religious groups, white evangelical Protestants (74 percent) expressed the most skepticism.
    • A majority (55 percent) of Americans believe that the American way of life needs to be protected against foreign influence. Of all major religious groups, white Christians — including white evangelical Protestants (76 percent), white Catholics (68 percent) and white mainline Protestants (63 percent) — are most likely to say their way of life needs protection.
    • Americans are split on whether discrimination against Christians has become as big a problem in America today as discrimination against other groups. Many Christians — including 77 percent of white evangelical Protestants, 54 percent of white mainline Protestants, 53 percent of white Catholics and black Protestants and 50 percent of Hispanic Catholics — feel anti-Christian discrimination is a problem. About 8 in 10 Americans who are religiously unaffiliated (78 percent) and members of other religions (77 percent) disagree.

A U.S. flag flies on the grounds of Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley, S.C., on Feb. 11, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-CULTURAL-CHANGE, originally transmitted on June 23, 2016.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wild swings for pound as EU vote results announced

The pound has swung wildly as traders reacted to the latest results from the UK's referendum on EU membership.
Before the results started to come in the pound rose as high as $1.50, as traders bet on a Remain victory.
But following strong Leave votes in Sunderland and Newcastle it tumbled to $1.43 and then took another dive after 03:00BST to below $1.37.
Currency traders say these moves are more extreme than those seen during the financial crisis of 2008.
"Never seen anything like it. These are once-in-a-lifetime moves, bigger than Lehmans and Black Wednesday, and we haven't even had the result yet," said Joe Rundle, head of trading at ETX Capital.
"It's looking more and more like a Leave win and these massive moves in sterling and stocks will only get bigger if that is the case," he added.
A short while ago the pound was trading at $1.3820, down almost 7% - a massive move in just four hours of trading.
Around midnight sterling had risen to $1.50 after leading Leave campaigner Nigel Farage said it looked as though Remain had "edged" the vote.
"'Volumes are very low and markets are relatively illiquid. Traders are very jittery, it's not just in sterling," said Jeremy Stretch from CIBC.
Last week the pound fell as low as $1.40 as traders tracked polls suggesting a flagging Remain campaign.
As for shares, the markets are pointing to a 6% slump when the FTSE 100 opens on Friday.
In Tokyo the Nikkei 225 has fallen by more than 3%.

Image: (FAZ.NET)


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

UK bans teaching of creationism in any school that receives public funding

Two years ago, the United Kingdom expanded its ban on the teaching of creationism from all state schools, to all state schools as well as semi-private Free Schools and Academies.
The decision effectively means that no school in the United Kingdom can teach creationism or any other “anti-scientific” dogma without losing the entirety of its funding, as they would be violating “the requirement on every academy and free school to provide a broad and balanced curriculum.”
According to a press release from the British Humanist Association (BHA), the new rules “explicitly require that pupils are taught about the theory of evolution, and prevent academy trusts from teaching ‘creationism’ as scientific fact.”
Not even Intelligent Design — the favored faux-scientific theory of American creationists who wish to import biblical beliefs into public school classrooms — can be taught, as “creationism” is defined by the new rule as “any doctrine or theory which holds that natural biological processes cannot account for the history, diversity, and complexity of life on earth and therefore rejects the scientific theory of evolution.”
As BHA Faith Schools Campaigner Richy Thompson noted, the reason behind this change was that “every young person is entitled to a high quality, broad and balanced education. This includes in biology, where evolution is a central topic and is vital to understanding how human life came to be. On the other hand, ideas such as young earth creationism should not be taught as scientifically valid for the very simple reason that they are not.”
Unfortunately, this is until today no reality in the US and in many other countries; The quality of education is respectively very low. And that's why so many people choose Donald Trump or other morons. 

Image: (PATHEOS)