Friday, July 29, 2016


Bushiri and Mary. Image: NEWSDAILY

Zimbabwean 'prophet' has gone to town boasting of expecting the rebirth of Jesus Christ trough his wife Mary. 

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According to self-acclaimed 'man of God,' his wife Mary who is also a 'propethess,' has been impregnated by the 'Holy Spirit' and sooner than later.

"The world will see the Rebirth of Major Jesus," Bushiri says.

"God spoke to me that my wife shall deliver the second Jesus. So i stayed away from her and counted on God to send the Holy Spirit to put the baby in her womb. My God is the only God of miracles and it has been done," said the 'prophet.'

"A medical report we have seen has confirmed that Bushiri's wife Mary is really pregnancy but the world is yet to see the birth of Major Jesus the second through Bushiri and Mary," jokes Newsdaily.

"For those who are doubting wait for the birth of Major Jesus. You will believe this when doctors carry DNA-test and see that the Major Jesus the second will have the same genes as those of Jesus Christ," concluded 'prophet' Bushiri. 

The 'prophet' further reminded doubting that it is on record that some months ago, angels appear during one of ECG church services and in the same way, God has done it again to their family. 

"Reports have shown that Bushiri hasn't been with his wife for a long time and he was just waiting upon the Lord to fulfill and revelation he got." Newsdaily says.  


  1. This report, whether or not there's any truth in it, requires a damn good edit.