Thursday, July 21, 2016

Creationist Ken Ham Says Unicorns & Dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark

Creationist Ken Ham, and his group ‘Answers in Genesis‘ (responsible for Kentucky’s new Ark Encounter) are reminding Christians that Unicorns and Dinosaurs were aboard Noah’s Ark.
“To think of the biblical unicorn as a fantasy animal is to demean God’s Word, which is true in every detail,” says Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell.
“The Bible refers to the unicorn in the context of familiar animals, such as peacocks, lambs, lions, bullocks, goats, donkeys, horses, dogs, eagles, and calves (Job 39:9–12). In Job 38–41, God reminded Job of the characteristics of a variety of impressive animals He had created, showing Job that God was far above man in power and strength,” she continued.
“Modern readers have trouble with the Bible’s unicorns because we forget that a single-horned feature is not uncommon on God’s menu for animal design. (Consider the rhinoceros and narwhal.) The Bible describes unicorns skipping like calves (Psalm 29:6), traveling like bullocks, and bleeding when they die (Isaiah 34:7). The presence of a very strong horn on this powerful, independent-minded creature is intended to make readers think of strength.”
“The importance of the biblical unicorn is not so much its specific identity — much as we would like to know — but its reality. The Bible is clearly describing a real animal. The unicorn mentioned in the Bible was a powerful animal possessing one or two strong horns — not the fantasy animal that has been popularized in movies and books,” Mitchell continues.
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