Monday, June 27, 2016

Texas pastor threatens to set himself on fire to stop gays from marrying

Scarborough runs an organisation of pastors called Vision America (Photo: HUFFINGTONPOST)

A US pastor has threatened to set himself on fire to stop loving gay couples from being legally recognised.
Texas pastor Rick Scarborough made the claim ahead of an anticipated ruling from the Supreme Court later this month – which could bring same-sex marriage to all 50 states including Texas.
One-upping the Australian Christian couple who have threatened to divorce if the ban on same-sex marriage is lifted, the Texan appared to threaten to burn himself alive.
He said: “We’re simply being pre-emptive and saying, no matter what the cost, we are not going to bow, we are not going to bend, and we will burn.”

The preacher also claimed that religious leaders should offer themselves up to be shot dead.
He said: “The preachers need to get out front, the leaders need to get out front, out front of these ordinary citizens and say, ‘Shoot me first’.”
“The end game is the complete destruction of the church of the Lord Jesus, the replacement of it with this liberal theology that’s not a theology… it goes back to the Garden of Eden when Satan wanted to be God. We now have a race of humans that don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a God.
“If the court does rule this, they will have to step over natural law. They’re after God. This country better be aware, we’ve suffered a lot of injustices, but I’m not sure God is going to tolerate this one very long.”
He previously claimed God should drop a nuke on the US, because it appoints gay ambassadors.
Listen to the clip via Right Ring Watch below:


  1. I can´t wait to see that ;-)

  2. This is a year old story! Why has it been repackaged as a new story?!


  3. To Rick Scarborough: Please do. We are ALL waiting. Then we will celebrate.

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  4. full gas can, check, matches, check, flame thrower, check.

  5. WHAT a jolly good idea. I'll bring the sausages if you'll bring the ketchup.

  6. This fellow needs professional psychiatric assistance. He should be pitied, not defamed.

  7. I suppose God will tolerate it as long as he did the Greek and Roman cultures who were way more gay than the US ever will be!

  8. I wish I could afford to buy a drink for the first million people who send him a book of matches, preferably from places like the Stonewall.

  9. This is old. He already backed out of this promise. (Snaps fingers)

  10. This is old. He already backed out of this promise. (Snaps fingers)