Tuesday, May 3, 2016

William Tapley, “God killed Prince for his Purple Rain song”

With many pundits claiming to be in touch with the end times that beckon, one outspoken personality in this regard is William Tapley. The man claims to the be the Third Eagle of The Apocalypse or otherwise the Co – prophet of the End Times. In essence, Tapley is an end times message pusher who wants followers to believe he is the be – all, end – all when it comes to information about the end of the world. He can also be credited with the infamous poem he penned regarding the American President Barack Obama’s father in which he alleged that Obama is a closeted homosexual.
Tapley took some time this week to disclose ‘’the truth’’ regarding the passing of the musical legend, Prince. Nestled beside a stone statue, Tapley gave details as to how all of this falls into God’s master plan for the last days of the world. The self – proclaimed prophet read a letter from a supporter during which he made reference to Daniel 8:1. The verse talks about the death of a prince related to a ‘’Pope’s recent abomination.’’ This came as no wonder, considering that Tapley and the Pope don’t really see eye to eye.
If Tapley’s word is anything to go by, the symbolism employed by Prince was a, “perversion of the cross and is made up of the male and female form.” He admits that he finds it hard to believe that “Almighty God” would use the death of Prince to verify Biblical prophecy, “and yet, that’s exactly what He has done.”
Continuing with his reading, Tapley picked another piece of correspondence that came from a subscriber who was of the opinion that the late musical maestro had referenced Armageddon in such songs as ‘’Party Like It’s 1999.’’ As the lyrics go, the sky took on a purple hue as everything looked like purple rain. Basically he came up with a song called, ‘’Purple Rian.’’ He envisioned humanity dying in every space. He even said, ‘’The voice said 2000, and it will all be gone.’’
“I can see where it is possible that he would represent the Prince of Peace and that would be Jesus Christ,” the spiritual envoy persisted as he quoted Daniel 8:11, which in all honesty has no link to the death of Prince.

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