Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Woman Causes 10 Car Pileup After Seeing Jesus In Her Kit Kat Candy Bar

Disastrous Accident On Busy Roadway

Santa Fe, NM police say a 25-year-old driver caused a ten car pileup crash after she closed her eyes to pray to Jesus in the middle of rush hour traffic on the outskirts of Santa Fe, leaving behind a traffic jam on a main thoroughfare and several injured people, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damaged vehichles.

She Had An Unnatural Sweet Craving

Felicity Castro, of Santa Fe, was arrested on the scene of for driving without a license, no insurance, speeding, improper lane change, and negligent vehicular behavior. She was driving south in heavy traffic when she had a craving for something sweet and noticed a candy bar on the front seat of her car that was not there before. Police estimate she was traveling at over 95 miles per hour at the time of the accident.

Jesus Sent Her A KitKat Bar

Castro is claiming that an accident she caused on the highway was related to an image she saw of Jesus in her Kit Kat candy bar. She says she suddenly began craving sweets. “It was like a feeling out of nowhere, I felt like I needed some sugar,” said Castro. “That's when I saw the KitKat bar that wasn't in my car before I had the cravings. Right there on my seat like someone had placed it there! I unwrapped the package, took a bite, and couldn’t believe what I saw. It was Jesus! I mean, right there, Jesus in my candy bar! It was like he was telling me I am chosen. So I closed my eyes and started praying, thanking Jesus for His revelation.”

She Let Jesus Take The Wheel But He Had A Lead Foot

It was during her prayer when she closed her eyes and let Jesus take the wheel. "It all happened so quickly. I mean there was Jesus in my candy bar, and then BAM! I hit the car in front of me and he hit the car in front of him, and it was like Jesus was giving us a sign," she said. However, one car in the pile up was hit at over 90 MPH and flew into the air as it slid over the top of the vehicle in front of it and actually landed on the electrical wires and hung there until crews arrived at the scene. "I never saw anything like it before. That's Jesus's work right there. That car was hanging upside down."

Carlos Was Not Injured After Ramming Into A Car At 90MPH

Traffic was brought to a standstill for over seven hours as emergency crews arrived at the scene and tried to figure out what happened and who needed medical attention. “Miraculously,” Carlos only suffered minor cuts and bruises and walked away from the accident practically unscathed. “Jesus saved me,” said Carlos. “It was because I was praying that I was not hurt. Too bad for the guy in front of me. If he had been praying too, things probably wouldn’t have been so bad for him. But obviously, he was not praying. If he had Jesus in his life he wouldn't have been hurt. He should use his time more wisely.”

The Injured Man Hadn't Found Jesus

The man in front of her Carlo was referring to, was transported to Desert Valley Hospital in serious condition with whiplash, broken bones, and a severe concussion. The other occupants of the cars involved in the incident in front of him were treated on the scene and released with minor injuries. The woman who was hanging upside down was finally set free after 3 hours of careful maneuvering and was given medication for a panic attack and sent by ambulance to a nearby emergency room. “Obviously, the other people that were involved in the accident were praying to Jesus as well, because they didn’t get hurt,” said Carlos. “But that poor fellow in front of me needs Jesus, I’m on my way to the hospital to bring him some Jesus right now!”

However, she was not on her way to visit the faithless man, she was placed in lockup after being arrested and has a bail set at $500,000 due to the damages she had caused and her mental state, according to the judge at the arrest hearing.

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(This news is not real. Please see the information below: News satire)


  1. Long term, inpatient, psychiatric treatment. Nothing less.

  2. Long term, inpatient, psychiatric treatment. Nothing less.

  3. Sorry but the story isn't true. Just use google to image search the pictures. They're all unrelated. The woman in the photo isn't named castro.

    1. sat·ire
      the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
      synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; More

    2. No shit moron… It's called satire!

  4. Sorry but the story isn't true. Just use google to image search the pictures. They're all unrelated. The woman in the photo isn't named castro.

  5. Not to mention, her name changes halfway through the story :/

  6. This reads like fiction. Poorly written fiction.

  7. That's why jesus can't get a drivers license , that and being illegal