Tuesday, April 19, 2016

“Why, in heaven’s name, don’t we tax religion?”: Bill Maher says it’s time all religious groups paid Uncle Sam

"Almost a quarter of us in America are being forced to subsidize a myth that we're not buying into," Maher said. 

Real Time host Bill Maher last night made the case that churches, in addition to corporations, should pay their fair share of taxes.
“There are 300,000 religious congregations in this country that pay no taxes,” Maher explained. “And they own $600 billion in property.”
“The Supreme Court of the United States really needs to take a case about taxing churches because it hasn’t done that since 1970,” he added. “And since then, religion has become a lot less popular, especially with younger people. To them, religion is the new pubic hair.”
Maher noted that 22.8% of Americans identify as atheist or agnostic, making the non-religious the second largest proportion after Evangelicals.
“That means almost a quarter of us in America are being forced to subsidize a myth that we’re not buying into,” he said. “Why, in heaven’s name, don’t we tax religion — a sexist, homophobic magic act that’s been used to justify everything from genital mutilation to genocide?”
                                                  Bill Maher
Source: www.salon.com

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  1. This is exactly the case in my country, Romania. Billions in property, pays no tax. Building megastructures out of public money. You wouldn't believe the pictures if I'd show them to you. 330 feet tall cathedral in the center of Bucharest, 100,000 square feet, 250 parking spaces, 3 levels underground, 2 of them on top, 250 rooms for guests. What is this?!