Friday, April 22, 2016

Noah’s Ark Theme Park Destroyed In A Flood

(Fake news/joke)

The new 'Noah's Ark' Theme Park in Williamstown, Kentucky was destroyed in a flood earlier today. The sudden flash flood only seemed to affect the location of the Ark Encounter Theme Park, which was in the final phases of construction.
“From a meteorological standpoint, this is quite confusing,” said Dan Schmidt, a forecaster with the National Weather Service. “There were no storm clouds in the area. We're calling this flood an act of God.”
Religious group Answers in Genesis was behind the construction of the ill-fated theme park. No one was injured in the flood, although founder Ken Ham was left financially devastated.
“I don't understand,” said a crestfallen Ham. “There is this book…all the answers were in this book, the Bible. It told me to build an ark. Why did God forsake me?”
The park recently announced that they would only be hiring Christians to work there. 

The religious theme park was in the final phases of construction when it was destroyed.


  1. Ken. God is just testing your faith. Hold to it.

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