Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Black Atheist is Running for U.S. Senate in Oklahoma

Of the many atheists running for higher office this year, most are seeking positions in state legislatures. There’s one (Jamie Raskin, who doesn’t even like the A-word) who has a chance at a seat in the U.S. House, but that’s about it.

In Oklahoma, however, there’s an independent candidate on the ballot to become U.S. Senator, and he’s openly atheist.
Incumbent James Lankford holds the seat that’s considered among the safest in the nation for Republicans, even with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket.

But Sean Braddy is challenging him, anyway.

While his lack of religious faith isn’t evident on his campaign website, he wasn’t hiding it in 2013 when The Oklahoman ran an article on local atheists:

Sean Braddy, 41, of Norman, said he grew up in church but decided when his son was born in 1982 that he was completely done with religion.

“I wanted him to be able to think for himself and not be controlled,” Braddy said.

Braddy, who is black, said he grew up in the 1970s and saw the Ku Klux Klan and other white opponents of desegregation do many un-Christian-like things — all in the name of religion.

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