Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bill Nye says he hopes that the Ark Encounter goes bankrupt and closes before it is completed

Bill Nye paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter on Friday. One day after atheists, including myself, visited the state to hold a protest.
Nye was given an exclusive tour of the facility by Ham, but the tour didn’t seem to be all that friendly.
While talking to the Washington Post, Nye quipped that the park looked very unfinished, telling the reporter that he hoped the park would go bankrupt before completion.
He said his biggest takeaway from the visit, however, was that children were being “brainwashed.”
“This could be just a charming piece of Americana, just something — I recently used an app called Roadtrippers that takes you to odd or unusual places…but this is much more serious than that,” Nye said. “This guy promotes so very strongly that climate change is not a serious problem, that humans are not causing it, that some deity will see to it that everything is ok.”
When it comes to the tax dollars being flooded into the park, Nye noted that it took an activist judge and a fundamentalist Christian governor to get anything done.
“The governor, the tourism cabinet he appointed and this federal judge are all like-minded,” Nye said. “They believe in this project. They would come up with something to make it go through.”
He didn’t believe those living in Kentucky agreed with the governor’s decision.
“Ask any Kentucky voter or taxpayer if he or she thinks this would have happened if it had been a mosque or an Islamic facility.”
Ham, on the other hand, took the opportunity, as he always does, to exploit Nye, ignoring the fact he was unable to offer real answers to the scientific questions raised by Nye.
He took an opportunity in front of a small crowd to pray for Nye.
“So while a large group of people were gathered around, I publicly prayed for Bill,” Ham later wrote on Facebook. “I did ask him if we could be friends, but he said we could be acquaintances with mutual respect, but not friends.”
No one wants to be your friend, Ken.

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  1. Give it a few years. After all the fundies have taken their tour it will go bust.